Video – a 10 tweet summary of NFP tweetup 27

A discussion of film and video in the charity sector.

Featuring “The power of supporter-focused video to drive fundraising” – Francis Mason and Rebecca Highfield, Anthony Nolan; “Delivering for public health and fundraising? How Breakthrough Breast Cancer did it with TLC” – Matthew Jupe, Breakthrough Breast Cancer; “MyStory: Lessons learnt from delighting users through video content” – Jamie Parkins, JustGiving; and a panel discussion.

Anthony Nolan – supporter-created video and a brand storytelling video

Great examples of a supporter-created video and a slick brand video:

It’s worth reflecting on what distinguishes these two videos, and what unites them.
The formal quality of the supporter-created is lower, but it’s clearly good enough.
The second video is slicker – better film quality, better sound, transitions, and more clearly on-brand.

But the main feature of both videos is strong storytelling. The supporter-created video has an off-the-cuff charm, but it’s also clearly been carefully put together, by a funny and sweet supporter.

Much of the evening was focused on the second type of video – material produced by people working for charities – but I’m very interested in how we can help supporters to create their own content.

Touch Look Check – Direct Marketing on TV and trains

A promotional campaign asking people to request a guide for the signs to spot breast cancer, with a follow-up direct debit donation ask.

Intriguing that television was the dominant channel in this TLC campaign and that PPC and display weren’t used so much.


A JustGiving project that generated a personalised thank-you video for each London Marathon runner using their platform, and sent it out the day after the event.

The traffic to MyStory was overwhelmingly from the Facebook mobile app.
90% of MyStory referral traffic was from Facebook mobile. Only 1% from Facebook desktop. 5% from Twitter mobile.

Interesting to contrast the automated, perhaps slightly sterile, MyStory video generator with the rough-and-ready supporter stories. I guess the personalisation gives these videos credibility.

Panel discussion

Here’s a great example of a video that is designed for this short, silent, autoplaying context, by my colleague Eleanor Bowes:

One good point that came up was that it’s not enough to just create some high-quality video: you need to plan how to promote it. And, of course, you need to start with a clear purpose for any video.

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