Twitter for good – 7 November 2014

On Friday 7 November, Twitter UK hosted ‘Twitter for Good’ at their London offices.

There was an initial presentation aimed at a broad group, presumably ranging from people who don’t use twitter through to charities making heavy use of the platform. This meant that there was a good range of material explaining and selling the platform as a whole. There were also some good statistics on the behaviour (and, implicitly, value) of twitter users to charities:

Propensity of twitter users to give

Taken together, these figures suggest that the interest in fundraising content is higher if the ask or content is right.

Importance of mobile

For anyone making the case for a responsive website, there was a great stat on mobile use of twitter:

Twitter cards

Twitter cards can be used for signups too:

We’re currently thinking about Data Protection, so I wonder how easy it would be to integrate twitter cards into our overall data capture setup.

This event signals the intent of twitter to deepen engagement with charities

Twitter’s interest is to deepen an extend use of its platform – and, implicitly, to monetise this use. To my surprise, adverts weren’t mentioned at all. I guess growing an engaged user base is the key challenge; advertising comes second.

I’m looking forward to what may happen next. Could twitter operate as a hub for charities sharing best practice, and for condensing and disseminating these practices back to the twitter-using charity community? There’s clear mutual benefit there. Hopefully we’ll see some developments in the new year.