Managing Change

Key points from some recent training I attending on managing change.

Focus on the emotional side more than the concrete aspects of change. Don’t get stuck arguing about logic.

Anything you can do to reduce the threat that people perceive will help.

For change to happen

the Vision of the desired future state + the Discontent with the present position + the knowledge of the First steps to take MUST EXCEED Cost of change (financial, psychological etc)

People’s reactions to change can be characterised by their level of engagement, and their level of belief.

Why do people resist change?

Control, vulnerability and security.

How to deal with resistance

  1. Identify it as resistance. Give people a couple of tries first.
  2. Share you perception of resistance: “I notice/sense that…” (don’t make a judgement)
  3. Ask a question: “What’s going on here?”, “What are you really thinking?”
  4. Let them talk. Stay silent – they talk next.

The aim is to surface what’s really concerning them, rather than the resistance.