Lasa’s Charity Digital Summit 2012 in 20 tweets

Use social media to help – and reach – new people Idea from the panel: Proactive solving of people’s problems is the best way to share your brand socially #lasadigsmt Martin Lugton@martinlugton Mon, Nov 12 2012 02:41:07 ReplyRetweetFavorite The panel asks Have you set up searches for terms that you organisation can help with? #lasadigsmt […]

Leveraging Social Media and Digital

Today’s presentations available at #24octsm Martin Lugton@martinlugton Wed, Oct 24 2012 07:19:40 ReplyRetweetFavorite The morning make quite a broad pitch for the potential of social media: A social business is engaged, transparent, nimble and trusted #24octsm Mark Morton@PontoonDock Wed, Oct 24 2012 01:50:15 ReplyRetweetFavorite Social Media marketing campaigns can get up to 70% response […]