Twitter for good – 7 November 2014

On Friday 7 November, Twitter UK hosted ‘Twitter for Good’ at their London offices. There was an initial presentation aimed at a broad group, presumably ranging from people who don’t use twitter through to charities making heavy use of the platform. This meant that there was a good range of material explaining and selling the […]

Using wordpress for open courses – #ocTEL chat summarised

The 2014 version of Open Course in Technology Enhanced Learning (ocTEL) started last week. The course is free and open to all. My plan for this course is to keep half an eye out for things that might interest me. I don’t expect to be closely involved in conversations, or in knowledge creation, as I’m […]

Social Action – a 10-tweet summary of NFP tweetup 20

Storify by Martin Lugton Sat, Oct 05 2013 07:32:07 Social Action – a 10-tweet summary of NFP tweetup 20 Social Action – NFP tweetup 20, 1 October 2013 – in 10 tweets. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on Google+ Share on Linkedin Share by email Bridging the gap between the most disengaged young […]

Agile innovation in income generation for charities

Storify by Martin Lugton Sun, Jul 14 2013 03:09:03 Agile innovation in income generation for charities Innovation in income generation – NFP Tweetup 19, 11 July 2013 – in 10 tweets. This tweetup was actually focused more on ways of working than on income generation, and agile methodology was the big discussion point. Share on […]

What is gamification and how might it be useful for charities?

Gamify This! – NFP Tweetup 18, 13 March 2013. I’ve picked 10 or so tweets to summarise the evening, and added in some of my own notes. View as slideshow Gamification is making an activity more like a game. The definition of ‘game’ used here encompasses rewards, external markers of success, and (often) competition; but it […]

NFP tweetup’s 4th birthday in 10 tweets – Opening up (organisations with) social media

Spreading social beyond the digital team Induction training: get people to think about how social media be used for their own interests (rather than work stuff) first #nfptweetup Joseph Freeman@JosephFreeman Wed, Nov 21 2012 10:28:49 ReplyRetweetFavorite About 50% of @vinspired are on yammer – using it internally builds confidence in external social media use #nfptweetup […]