Mobile engagement seminar – Charity Comms

A summary of Charity Comms’ Mobile Engagement seminar, 23 March 2016. I attended via Periscope, and share a few observations on this experience at the end. In August 2015, OFCOM announced that smartphones are now the most used internet device “Mobile is not the future – mobile is happening now” “Where are they now? Probably […]

Security Focuses: The Science of Cybersecurity – a summary

Today I attended Security Focuses: The Science of Cybersecurity. Here’s my inexpert summary of the event. The costs and risks of security are increasing 90% of large businesses had a security breach last year. Security breaches are becoming more expensive: £1.15 million in 2014; £3.14 million in 2015 1,000,000 new pieces of malware are created […]

Harnessing the Web – MemberWise – a 20 tweet summary

Today I attended MemberWise’s Harnessing the Web conference. I’m largely new to the world of membership, so I was hoping to understand how other organisations were using digital to promote and deliver their membership offers. Below I’ve summarised the key points from the sessions I attended, in 20 tweets. Chemnet gains – online support for […]

Personalisation – a summary of Together We’re Better, September 2015

A summary of key points from an event hosted by Together We’re Better. Personalisation is adapting a digital experience to a user’s attributes and presumed interests or needs. Personalisation isn’t necessarily a good thing – it can come across as good or creepy A reminder that you should start by understanding your goal, and then […]

Learning from corporates? – a 10 tweet summary of NFP tweetup 28

Anthony Leung, Social Media Manager at Just Eat Just Eat base their social strategy on engagement. Reach and audience size arise out of this. Anthony advises against doing things the other way round: focusing on growing follower numbers can be self-defeating as you under-invest in engagement and lose followers in the long-run. So how do […]

Video – a 10 tweet summary of NFP tweetup 27

A discussion of film and video in the charity sector. Featuring “The power of supporter-focused video to drive fundraising” – Francis Mason and Rebecca Highfield, Anthony Nolan; “Delivering for public health and fundraising? How Breakthrough Breast Cancer did it with TLC” – Matthew Jupe, Breakthrough Breast Cancer; “MyStory: Lessons learnt from delighting users through video […]

Best Practices & Lessons Learned from 30,000 A/B and Multivariate Tests – summary of Optimizely’s video

Optimizely’s Best Practices & Lessons Learned from 30,000 A/B and Multivariate Tests video is an advert for A/B testing in general, and for Optimizely Optimizely as a tool for running and creating tests. This video features some useful examples of multivariate tests done during the Obama campaign. Here’s my summary: Nothing is sacred. Question assumptions […]