10 tweet summary of NFP Tweetup 32 – Getting off to a good start

Here’s a 10 tweet summary of last night’s NFP Tweetup. I wasn’t actually able to attend the event, but that’s no barrier to summarising the best material from twitter 🙂 Innovation and failure – Luke Williams, RNLI Set up organisation-spanning structures to keep an eye on trends: [email protected] have a 'future trends' group to look […]

Could you be a Digital Superhero? Julie Dodd (Camp Digital 2016)

Here’s a summary of Julie Dodd’s talk at this year’s Camp Digital conference. Julie argues that digital superheroes…: Make products that really help people e.g. the Ugly Mugs app, built for sex workers to make sex work safer, or Tony Canning’s use of 3D printing to reduce the cost of prosthetic limbs from £20,000 to […]

Agile Planning – How to plan quickly and collaboratively

A summary of the 02/08/2016 Digital Project Managers meetup on agile planning. Estimating jobs Gather the whole team for this exercise. e.g. UX design, developers, testers, product managers. Discuss each job, and collaboratively rank the jobs in order of complexity. Think about all the work that will be required to get this job ready to […]

A 10 tweet summary of NFP tweetup 30

After a short hiatus, the NFP tweetup has returned – this time held at JustGiving’s offices. Here are ten particularly illuminating tweets from the event: @LucyCaldicott & @Skipinder set up a Facebook group for fundraising discussion They’ve found it helpful to extend their network. 3. Take yourself out of your own little circle. Go speak […]

Let Them Drown – a 10 tweet summary of the 2016 Edward Said London Lecture, delivered by Naomi Klein

The 2016 Edward W. Said London Lecture was delivered by Naomi Klein at the Royal Festival Hall; entitled “Let Them Drown: The Violence of Othering in a Warming World”. Here’s a short summary of this excellent lecture: @NaomiAKlein speaking at #SaidLondonLect pic.twitter.com/lflEC8x6LZ — (((H))) (@trinitymandalay) May 4, 2016 Why should we care about climate change? […]

Mobile engagement seminar – Charity Comms

A summary of Charity Comms’ Mobile Engagement seminar, 23 March 2016. I attended via Periscope, and share a few observations on this experience at the end. In August 2015, OFCOM announced that smartphones are now the most used internet device “Mobile is not the future – mobile is happening now” “Where are they now? Probably […]

Security Focuses: The Science of Cybersecurity – a summary

Today I attended Security Focuses: The Science of Cybersecurity. Here’s my inexpert summary of the event. The costs and risks of security are increasing 90% of large businesses had a security breach last year. Security breaches are becoming more expensive: £1.15 million in 2014; £3.14 million in 2015 1,000,000 new pieces of malware are created […]

Harnessing the Web – MemberWise – a 20 tweet summary

Today I attended MemberWise’s Harnessing the Web conference. I’m largely new to the world of membership, so I was hoping to understand how other organisations were using digital to promote and deliver their membership offers. Below I’ve summarised the key points from the sessions I attended, in 20 tweets. Chemnet gains – online support for […]

Personalisation – a summary of Together We’re Better, September 2015

A summary of key points from an event hosted by Together We’re Better. Personalisation is adapting a digital experience to a user’s attributes and presumed interests or needs. Personalisation isn’t necessarily a good thing – it can come across as good or creepy A reminder that you should start by understanding your goal, and then […]