Could you be a Digital Superhero? Julie Dodd (Camp Digital 2016)

Here’s a summary of Julie Dodd’s talk at this year’s Camp Digital conference. Julie argues that digital superheroes…: Make products that really help people e.g. the Ugly Mugs app, built for sex workers to make sex work safer, or Tony Canning’s use of 3D printing to reduce the cost of prosthetic limbs from £20,000 to […]

Design for Real Life

Design for Real Life argues that we need to take accessibility more seriously. This goes beyond just conforming to a set of content presentation guidelines (e.g. the W3C standards), and goes to your overall design process. You can buy the book from A Book Apart Identify and challenge assumptions Think about what assumptions you’ve built […]

The DSDM Agile Project Framework for Scrum

I’ve highlighted a few key points from the DSDM Agile Project Framework for Scrum. I’d strongly recommend reading the 2014 White Paper produced by Andrew Craddock, Keith Richards, Dorothy Tudor, Barbara Roberts and Julia Godwin for the DSDM Consortium. Download the 22-page white paper. (DSDM is ‘The Dynamic Systems Development Method’.) The paper provides a […]

How charities could use digital to change the world

Charities can go beyond one-sided interactions with supporters In an earlier post I looked at how charities can use digital to improve their provision of static information, and to provide proactive advice and support. But that is still quite a one-sided interaction, with organisations being in a position of power and enlightening their beneficiaries. What […]

Delivering Digital Transformation – How charity IT and digital teams can work together effectively

Some key points of interest that I gleaned from Charity Comms” Digital transformation: How to get it right in your organisation” The division of work between digital and IT is often unclear In most organisations, the division of responsibility between IT and digital is: – IT support internal infrastructure. – Digital support externally-facing initiatives. eg […]

Agile innovation in income generation for charities

Storify by Martin Lugton Sun, Jul 14 2013 03:09:03 Agile innovation in income generation for charities Innovation in income generation – NFP Tweetup 19, 11 July 2013 – in 10 tweets. This tweetup was actually focused more on ways of working than on income generation, and agile methodology was the big discussion point. Share on […]

What is gamification and how might it be useful for charities?

Gamify This! – NFP Tweetup 18, 13 March 2013. I’ve picked 10 or so tweets to summarise the evening, and added in some of my own notes. View as slideshow Gamification is making an activity more like a game. The definition of ‘game’ used here encompasses rewards, external markers of success, and (often) competition; but it […]

Your instincts can only take you so far, so let data take the next step

Alternative title: “What ear wax taught me about being a digital communicator”. Being creative and having lots of different ideas is fantastic. But as a digital communicator this is not the end of your job. You can relentlessly use data and evidence to improve your work and focus in on the best ideas. Or, in […]

Towards digital service provision by charities

Charities are still working out how best to harness digital communications for fundraising. (See Public Zone’s Digital Handbook, for example). But digital’s untapped potential extends far beyond fundraising. I’m most interested in seeing how we can use digital technology to improve service provision and to directly change the world for the better. In this post […]

Digital communicators need to keep learning

To be a good digital communicator is to be a lifelong learner. The digital landscape keeps changing. Google alters its search algorithm; new services and platforms are released; user devices and expectations evolve; web standards develop; a new version of HTML or CSS is released; the legislative context shifts as the EU’s cookie laws are […]