How to add a twitter feed to your wordpress site

Summary: Get twitter to generate some HTML that you copy-paste to a widget on your WordPress site. Here are the steps in more detail: 1) Head over to twitter and generate a personalised HTML code Navigate to twitter, and log in. Then click on the cog at the top right of the screen, then settings, […]

Agile innovation in income generation for charities

Storify by Martin Lugton Sun, Jul 14 2013 03:09:03 Agile innovation in income generation for charities Innovation in income generation – NFP Tweetup 19, 11 July 2013 – in 10 tweets. This tweetup was actually focused more on ways of working than on income generation, and agile methodology was the big discussion point. Share on […]

How to create better confirm and reject popups

Computers often ask us to confirm our intentions. Asking ‘Are you sure you want to do that?’ is a useful way to reduce input errors, but the way this question is posed is inconsistent. We could improve the user experience – and reduce errors – by making it more consistent. Here are a couple of current […]

Filtering RSS feeds for a more useful inbound content stream

Noise is the price we pay for volume and diversity of content. I’m hopeful that we can reap the rewards of the wealth of information around us, while minimising the price way pay having to filter through it to get to the good stuff. I’m interested in the task of focusing on relevant, helpful material […]