What are the attributes of a shareable idea?

Ideas are powerful. But any power they have has to be realised through people applying them, either in their own thoughts, or in interaction with the world or other people.

So ideas are worthless if they aren’t shared.

I agree with Jesse Stommel when he says that:

Ideas need to connect with other ideas to grow and develop. Ideas can collide unexpectedly and lead to exciting and transformative results.

I don’t think that we should have to mine and labour to unearth a good idea, or to tease it out of some difficult academic prose.

The initial understanding of an idea should be simple. The challenge should be in exploring an idea’s implications, its limitations, its potential, and in applying it.

So what do I think are the attributes of a shareable idea?

A good idea is easy to understand, and portable.

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Present your ideas in a concise and intelligible fashion, and in a way that can be easily shared. This will make them more powerful and useful.

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  1. The quotation with the “click to tweet” link was inspired by UX Magazine. But they only get part way towards the goal I’m outlining.

    I really like the way that they embed snappy tweetable sections of text inside some of their articles. (eg http://uxmag.com/articles/when-design-best-practices-become-performance-worst-practices )

    This allows people reading to rapidly share a pre-written summary of an article.

    But actually it doesn’t really do this. Rather, it just shares a tantalising snippet, to encourage you to read the whole thing.

    The tweet states:

    “A surprising number of these sites are making the same three design/usability mistakes over and over”

    It would be much more useful to summarise the three mistakes in this summary text.

    They could link to the full article for anyone wanting more detail. But publishing business models and advertising revenues are another discussion 😉

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