Setting up your twitter command centre

If you’re following more than fifty people on twitter, watching everything in a single stream of activity on is probably tiring and frustrating. The constant rush of messages can feel overwhelming, and it’s hard to make sense of what’s most important. If you follow accounts covering different topics, the diverse tweets can blend together […]

Digital communicators need to keep learning

To be a good digital communicator is to be a lifelong learner. The digital landscape keeps changing. Google alters its search algorithm; new services and platforms are released; user devices and expectations evolve; web standards develop; a new version of HTML or CSS is released; the legislative context shifts as the EU’s cookie laws are […]

NFP tweetup’s 4th birthday in 10 tweets – Opening up (organisations with) social media

Spreading social beyond the digital team Induction training: get people to think about how social media be used for their own interests (rather than work stuff) first #nfptweetup Joseph Freeman@JosephFreeman Wed, Nov 21 2012 10:28:49 ReplyRetweetFavorite About 50% of @vinspired are on yammer – using it internally builds confidence in external social media use #nfptweetup […]

Lasa’s Charity Digital Summit 2012 in 20 tweets

Use social media to help – and reach – new people Idea from the panel: Proactive solving of people’s problems is the best way to share your brand socially #lasadigsmt Martin Lugton@martinlugton Mon, Nov 12 2012 02:41:07 ReplyRetweetFavorite The panel asks Have you set up searches for terms that you organisation can help with? #lasadigsmt […]

Leveraging Social Media and Digital

Today’s presentations available at #24octsm Martin Lugton@martinlugton Wed, Oct 24 2012 07:19:40 ReplyRetweetFavorite The morning make quite a broad pitch for the potential of social media: A social business is engaged, transparent, nimble and trusted #24octsm Mark Morton@PontoonDock Wed, Oct 24 2012 01:50:15 ReplyRetweetFavorite Social Media marketing campaigns can get up to 70% response […]