A 10 tweet summary of NFP tweetup 30

After a short hiatus, the NFP tweetup has returned – this time held at JustGiving’s offices. Here are ten particularly illuminating tweets from the event:

@LucyCaldicott & @Skipinder set up a Facebook group for fundraising discussion

They’ve found it helpful to extend their network.

Recently I attended an event for digital project managers. Most attendees were definitely not in the charity sector. Hearing quite different perspectives – and different acronyms and terminology – was refreshing and illuminating.

The group set up by @LucyCaldicott & @Skipinder is self-organising and non-hierarchical

Modbods is another recommended self-organising digital community. It’s on Google+ and is focused on community management:

@charlotte_cox worked to move somewhereto_ from charity to self-sustaining social enterprise

They had to work on selling their core offer to customers. Potential customers weren’t actually interested in their core vision/mission, so they had to package things differently.
They’ve boiled their key message down to: “Rent space from us, support creative young people”. (Or, to actually quote their website: “Find and book the perfect space to pursue your ideas and ambitions while giving a young person the chance to pursue theirs.”)

Tips on event social media from @dansmythphoto of @TeenageCancer

Covering a live event on social media doesn’t need to entail incessant posting of content:

Facebook will penalise you for sharing too much similar content.

It’s not always sufficient to just share supporter videos. You need to invest in editing them:

Teenage Cancer Trust re-cut their longer videos to appropriate length for social.
Don’t just cross-post your video on all the different social networks: adapt your content for each.
If you want to share a video on social, make it shorter, and make it work with no sound.

Just Giving’s #poweredbypeople campaign at the London Marathon

Just Giving created fundraisers a personalised page that they could share with their friends. It showed how much they’d raised, and pulled in information on their cause.

“People like presents more than asks.”

Also, snapchat filters are apparently quite cost-effective at the moment, with a good ROI.

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